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Facebook Advertising

Facebook's importance as an advertising tool for estate sales cannot be overstated. Most estate sales companies are known to each and the network of each is included mostly on Facebook as followers. By leveraging this professional network of estate sales followers, a single estate sales company can produce a much larger advertising impact than a single individual.

Facebook is also the first choice of many estate sales followers. Many have created roots online, like you and I, and developed relationships with online users that share the same interests. We all have invested much time and effort to create our Facebook space online and are reluctant to move on to adopt some other trendy online vehicle, like Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.

In addition Facebook has longevity in our timelines. We like that we can look back in our previous posts and memories. Our timeline is our investment in our online persona. Unlike the fleeting images of Snapchat or the quickly forgotten posts of Twitter, Facebook offers us all a timeless timeline where truly heartfelt memories are stored.

With all these positives, it is important to make sure that the Facebook advertising of any estate sale marketing plan, be a high priority. Any dollars spent in this target market are well worth the investment and will pay back many times over with increase attendance to your sale.

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